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I’m Colin Wright; welcome to Exile Lifestyle! A quick bit about me and what I’m up to on this site and in life: I move to a new country every 4 months. My readers vote on where I move, and I do my best to learn all I can about the place where I’m living (while also running my businesses and having a life). At the behest of my readership, I’m currently living in Reykjavik, Iceland. [...] Before I left Los Angeles, I sold everything I owned which didn’t fit into a carry-on bag. My apartment, car, many computers (*sob*), and the vast majority of my wardrobe are all gone. When I moved to Argentina, I got down to about 70 things and now I’m at around 50 things that I own in the whole, wide world.
Minimalism is many things to me – a philosophy, a lifestyle choice and an experiment.
Keep in mind that the point is not getting down to the bare minimum, it’s about streamlining and refocusing your resources on the things you’re most passionate about.
My extreme case of ‘stuff reduction’ is just an experiment, to see which possessions I can live without and for how long; the real purpose is to reduce the worthless while increasing the amount of value I’m able to put out and happiness I’m able to experience.


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  2. Impressive Post! Good to know that you never stops at a single place and shifts from one place to another in every 4 months. I love traveling but i prefer to go for small trips like recently i went to Wesley Chapel, Florida and stayed in one of the Wesley Chapel cheap hotel and now i am back to my work. :D Anyway i appreciate you for sharing your this amazing lifestyle. I simply loved your post.