Legal Nomads

After 5+ years of working as a corporate lawyer to save up for round-the-world travel, I finally embarked upon the trip of a lifetime on April 1, 2008. Thus far, I’ve traipsed through South America and then moved on to South Africa, Russia, Mongolia and China, writing all the way. After several months in each of the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia, I spent 6 weeks in Burma (Myanmar) and 3 months in Bangkok, Thailand during its tumultuous protest-filled spring.

Coming back to North America in the summer of 2010, I had a chance to explore the Dominican Republic, take a whirlwind trip through South America and catch up with friends and family in between my travels. 2011 began with a flight back to Asia, a continent I love (where the food is cheap and delicious, and the clothes fit me!).

People often ask if my travels have been fulfilling, or if I regretted taking off. In my ”Why IQuit Travel the World" post I wrote about moments of overwhelming happiness on this trip. That’s not to say every day has been perfect, but on the whole I have been lucky enough to explore some extraordinary countries, meet terrific new friends and eat as much food as possible. That’s not to say that ravek fixes everything - it doesn't. But if I was bored, or unhappy with my travels I would have gone home. Instead, I have remained excited to visit new destinations and see new sights. And travel has also helped me keep life in perspective in the long and short term.


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