No Baggage Challenge

In late August of 2010, travel writer Rolf Potts embarked on a trip that is taking him around the world without using a single piece of luggage. For six weeks he will be exploring 12 countries on five continents, crossing the equator four times, without carrying so much as a man-purse. The few items he is bringing (including a toothbrush, an iPod, and a few extra items of clothing) are tucked away in his pockets.

This no-baggage adventure is more than a stunt to see if such a thing can be done: At a time when intensified travel-stresses and increased luggage fees are grabbing headlines, it’s an experiment to determine how much we really need to bring along to have the trip of a lifetime.

What items, if any, are essential to the enjoyment of a journey to other countries? How does traveling light make a trip cheaper, simpler or easier (or more difficult)? What lessons from this no-baggage adventure might apply to day-to-day life — both on the road and at home?

In addition to posting text and videos about his no-baggage adventures, Rolf will examine the philosophical issues behind the art of traveling (and living) light as he circles the globe.


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