Traveling Canucks

The Traveling Canucks are Nicole and Cameron Wears, a married couple living in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia on the west coast of Canada.

Travel and adventure is a common passion that has always played an important role in our lives. Our exposure to travel began at young ages, with Cameron living in Nairobi, Kenya at age 12 and Nicole backpacking around Europe at age 19. After living in Malaysia in 2004 and exploring SE Asia, we caught the travel bug and have since developed a slight addiction to world exploration.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have traveled to over 50 countries together in the past 7 years, fulfilling many of our life goals and dreams along the way.

In January of 2009 we made a bold move. We traded our great jobs for a backpack and a long checklist, which has proven to be one of the greatest decisions we’ve ever made. That life changing adventure was the inspiration for creating this travel blog, to share our travels and experiences.


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  2. Travelling is a great hobby. It is good to know that you have a passion for travel. I am a very frequent traveler myself. Looking forward to hear a lot of your travel stories.

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  4. I love to travel as well, But only if I have free time, That was really bold move, I don't think I can quit my job right now, But hopefully someday I will have the guts to do it. Thanks

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  5. Nice post! I appreciate those people who can do anything for their passion. Traveling is your passion so you took a very bold move and left your job, that's quite surprising but truly appreciable. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!
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