Reborn Koala

A deeply proud Yorkshireboy who has lived and worked in London for five years.

I’ve spent the last twelve years studying and working at being an architect slash designer slash 3D artist slash manager-type. Last spring the corporate shitness of everything I was doing hit me like a sledgehammer. I hated it, piece by piece it was extracting my soul, all-nighter after all-nighter was turning me into a living flatliner.

This blog is about what happened next and what is still happening now, I quit my job, I went to work with Orangutans and I lost the love of my life after 5 years.

It’s been a wine fueled, incredible, heart breaking time and I’ve barely got close to finding out what I’m going to do with the rest of my life, in 18 months I hope to be on the road to the dream, or at least the muddy little path.

This much I do know, I’m leaving London in May for a year and I’ll be taking a mazy route around the world. I’ll be armed with a camera, lots of brightly coloured pants and a dreadful sense of direction. Aside from knowing I want to do everything I’ve never done before, I know little else, any advice and knowledge about the best bits will be gladly recieved.


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  2. Hey,
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