Around the World in 80 Girls

My name is Neil Skywalker, I’m 34 and I’ve been traveling around the world for quite a while now, 26 months to be precise. So far I visited 32 countries in a row and am currently in Bolivia.

Many people ask me why I travel for so long and I still don’t know the answer myself , so far I can say that I was really bored with everything in my home country ( The Netherlands / Holland ) Bored with family and friends , work and especially my own (love)life. I was looking for some adventure and also to improve myself in every way possible. I sold everything I owned , my house ,my car and everything else, I bought a train ticket out of the country and been traveling ever since.

I’ve been meeting many people and they asked me if i wrote down my travel experiences. So I decided to create a travel blog and I decided to change the topic of my travel blog from just traveling to traveling and picking up girls, something I have become quite good at these last years.

On this site I will share my adventures and x-rated stories. Although I didn’t start as a total AFC (Average Frustrated Chump) like most PUA’s (Pick Up Artists) I’ve been a regular dude for most of my life, having girlfriends and steady relationships but never satisfied in any of them. I always had to urge to do better in this part of my life. So I just left everything behind. Month after month I learned more and more about the techniques of picking up girls and started to enjoy that part of traveling the most.

The coming months I will post as many blog posts as possible backtracking most of my trip. As I have almost no knowledge of creating websites it will be a slow process of getting this blog up to speed. Most of my time I spend on traveling, sleeping, drinking and of course picking up girls.


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