Nomadic Chick

My Story: I was stuck in an unsatisfying desk job and courting a growing resentment towards the North American lifestyle. After swearing to change my life on a file folder, I sold my earthly possessions and set off in June 2010. My journey will traverse the banks of the Ganges to the tin shanty towns of Manila. My ultimate dream is to combine two pastimes: traveling and writing. Where could I end up? Hopefully a travel writer and full-time digital nomad. What transpires will be eye-opening, precarious and liberating. Read along as I emerge from my caterpillar shell. Because frankly, a dose of the unknown may be just what I need!

How I Got to this Point: It all began at age nineteen. After toiling at a daycare job, I found myself with a healthy bank account. My inner self fantasized about volunteering overseas, tasting exotic foods and experiencing cultural exchange, but the external pressures won. Travel to Spain or buy a car? Naturally, I picked the car. First wrong turn complete. Next, I decided post-secondary education was essential because everyone else did it. That’s where I met my partner.

Eleven years later I traded him in for mounting debt and chronic back pain. The North American milestones that are supposed to bring happiness made me miserable. Worst still, my joy for life was sapped. Wake-up call noted — it was time to close my eyes and jump into the rabbit hole.

The Purpose of this Site: Here I was with a bold idea to abandon cubicle existence, the next step was to hit the Internet for inspiration. Many travelogues emboldened my shaky will, but I couldn’t help noticing a scarcity of blogs devoted to someone like me, a single lady on the cusp of forty, ready to leave everything she’s known. The signals I receive are: You’re crazy. And too old.” “Don’t you have a mortgage, 2.5 children and a job you love??” “Woman, you are a red alert mid-life crisis!”. This site grew from a desire to motivate myself, as well as others. Hopefully it touches those people who are afraid to take the leap. If you discover this site, feel encouraged — most of all — realize that long term travel is doable at any age!


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