WorldWalk - Peacetour Around The Earth

Backpacking around the world on foot in six years. This means 25.000 miles (40.000 km) on five continents: Europe, Africa, the Americas, Australia and Asia. Two brothers—Ferenc and István Ivanics—walk 15-25 miles a day to reach their goal: to arrive home. To arrive home after going around our planet Earth, to arrive home after meeting many different people in many countries. People who live in different cultures, in different environments. People who have one very important common wish: peace. Peace, that is the final goal of the WorldWalk project. And the key is friendship and brotherhood, this is the message they'd like to share, try to tell everybody, every person living on our mother Earth. This is a more or less no budget adventure, the brothers are looking for temporary jobs or the support of the community, this is like a hobo trip. This way they meet many-many local people, and can share their message.

WorldWalk Team is formed by the Ivanics brothers. They are the WorldWalkers, they are the ones walking around the Earth. They are experienced hikers, and also experienced extreme hikers. Ferenc cycled around Europe with a friend, but without money. A couple of years ago István repeated his brothers performance, he travelled around Europe alone with a moped, and also without money. They have walking experiences too: Ferenc taken a walking tour in the wild forests of Monte Negro's mountains, István walked through Monte Negro and Serbia from the Mediterranean Sea to their home in Paliæ. Visit the page of Ferenc Ivanics and Istvan Ivanics.

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